It is not often that a customer can work with the cabinetmaker from design through fabrication to delivery. Richard achieves this by interacting with each customer to create the perfect piece. All of the millwork is done in the shop with premium grade materials.

These days when shopping around for the perfect item for your project you may see the terms "custom" and "premium"--but what do these terms mean?

The term "custom" refers to how the product is made. Something that is customized has been designed to specific guidelines and customer desires. At Sunset Cabinets & Mill, each piece is one of a kind and hand created with particular attention to detail. Just one of our specialties is handcrafting authentic reproductions from original components of an historic home. Many of the remodels in which Sunset Cabinets & Mill is involved are historic homes where clients want to keep in line with the traditional elements but with modern practilaties. Long-standing relationships with local contractors and homeowners speak for the quality of our work.

According to the Woodworking Institute of California (WIC), the term "premium" refers to the quality of the material used and the care that goes into creating that customized project. Premium is the highest standard recognized by WIC. Richard uses only the finest materials available, and handpicks each piece of wood for each project to approve grain quality. Sunset Cabinets & Mill offers only premium grade, custom work.

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